DrinkUp : The Beer Edit (Paddy’s Day)

Price and Info

Beer festival @ The Oval Space

Entry and a free half pint £13.50

£4 – £6 a pint

Beers that i sampled:

Sharp’s Pilsner, Premium Lager 5.2%
Nice beer nothing special nothing bad.

Glenfiddich Experimental Series IPA cask 43%
Was a nice whisky tasted a bit harsh probably a young whisky you could have it as a cocktail which may have tasted smoother.

I also had the IPA that lent its old cask to the whisky this was really nice but I have no idea what it was called.

Nitro Coffee Stout (last keg in the world)
Not a fan of stout but the last keg in the world was okay.

Not normally a fan but was paddy’s day so gotta do it I enjoyed having one don’t think I could drink them all night though.

Hobo’s Craft Czech Lager ABV: 5.1%
wouldn’t buy it again had a very unusual flavor which may be ideal for some.

Boiler maker:
Southwark Bermondsey Best 4.4%
I have had this beer before and always enjoy it could drink a good few pints. Maybe it’s because I grew up there.

Auchentoshan 40.00 %
The whisky was okay I prefer smoky whisky but this is still worth a try.

Missed the Pabst Blue Ribbon and four pure due to running out of time. I have had some four pure before and always enjoy most of there beers. One that I did miss but would have liked to try was the Heiniken H41 made from wild yeast.

The food was also really nice had a pulled beef burger and feta chili and spring onions chips.

As we left we noticed the pickle factory next door had a bit of an after party with a stage for dancing on. The beer on tap was hop house 13 larger. Fairly average beer was good enough to keep drinking.

When they finally kicked us out we started making our way home until we walked past The Queen Adelaide which was still going strong so decided to have a few in here was relatively busy.

Ended up discussing how to make the best Italian spaghetti with an Italian guy named Mike.
I had ago at making a few days later and I’m pretty sure I missed out a few important ingredients should have taken notes.

Really good night would recommend.

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