Long Weekend Trip – Amsterdam

Just got to Amsterdam checked into the hostel and went straight to the Dolphins Coffee Shop

I walked up to the bar and placed my order for their weakest strand and sat down. If you want a beer with your weed you will need to take it to one of the bars in the area as most of them have a smoking area inside.

Made sure to visit Febo which is a clever take away place that has vending machines full with fast food, taking up most of the shop.

The Cafe Alto Jazz bar which had some live jazz, played by the soul catchers international, was great fun and worth a visit. Found a nice whisky place called Whisky-cafe L&B, with over 1500 whiskys. I asked for a peaty whisky, one I hadn’t tried and they gave me a dram of Ileach Peaty in a Glencairn glass which was especially tasty.

Took a trip to the Amsterdam Zoo where they had loads of animals some of which were red pandas, zebra, giraffe, elephant and gorilla.

The Van Gough museum takes you through some of the life of Van Gogh and is very interesting.

Rijks museum was a mixture of artifacts and paintings. The model war ships and olden days guns were fascinating.

If you want to go to four or more museums, it’s well worth getting a Museum pass. You will start to make savings from four plus.

I also found it more cost effective to buy a couple of 24 hour travel cards as I was walking around a lot and they only activate on first use.

On the last day, I made visit to the Heineken Experience where I got a tour of the factory and had a few beers on the roof top bar.

Being my first hostel trip, I was slightly worried about sleeping with other people in the same room but it only took a night to get used to it.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip and I will have to go back as there is still a lot left to see!

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